Dzama Cuvee Blanche White Rum 80 proof Madagascar 750 mL


Tasting notes: It’s 3 months in barrels. A fruity and round white rum with a hint of lemongrass.

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Tasting notes: It’s 3 months in barrels. A fruity and round white rum with a hint of lemongrass.

Technical notes: The unique terroir imparts aromatics and depth to the sugar cane and in turn the rums. The roots of the Ylang-Ylang vine and other aromatic plants such as vanilla, clove, citrus, pepper, and others entangle with those of the sugar cane. Ground water also transports the essential oils of these plants to the cane fields. The stocks of the sugar cane, being in effect a long column, pull water out of the ground which contains the oils emanating from the surrounding aromatic plants. Molasses made from this sugar cane will impart those flavor characteristics to the resulting rums. The volcanic soil of Nosy Be contributes essential mineral elements. Dzama (pronounced “zama”) Rum was started in 1980 by Mr. Lucien Fohine and his wife, on the island of Nosy Be off the northern shore of Madagascar. They had a Scotch Whiskey bottling business and decided that the resulting empty barrels would be perfect for the aging of rum. In 1984 production was transferred to Antananarivo (the capital) when the success of the rums and the cost of transportation made it imperative. The company started out with two station wagons and two light trucks. They have now 60 vehicles and have grown to control 60% of the island’s production. which, combined with the above influences of terroir, make the rums of this island impossible to duplicate elsewhere. The flavor profile of these rums have such a special aromatic and spice-laden quality that it actually takes you back for a minute.

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