Pocas White Port Portuguese dessert wine 750 mL


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Color: Straw yellow Nose: Very refreshing, citrus and tropical flavors of pineapple and banana. Palate: Well-balanced and refined, smooth with a long lasting finish.

Fortified wine produced from white grapes grown in the Northern Portugal’s Douro Valley. Its floral aromas and fresh, fruity taste, make it a refined aperitif.

Alcohol: 9.9 % Total Acidity: 3.09 pH: 3.30 Sugar: 99.99 Aging: Matured in wood for 3 years, followed by blending of several White Port wines

Excellent aperitif should be served chilled (10°C/50°F), with smooth cheeses, dried fruits, almonds, and olives. Ready to drink when bottled.